take advantage of our exclusive 28 Day Trial so you can experience a gym like no other!

Test us, build your body, help your mind and start to change your life by releasing that inner champion.

Get the full experience of the TSC Centre - Limited Spaces Available

On Our Exclusive 28 Day Trial

£159 £ 69
  • 12 x Small Group Personal Training Sessions.
  • Unlimited access to our Unique PUNCH, YOGA + CIRCUITS classes.
  • Your own personal road map meeting/call.
  • Access to our Facebook community group.
  • Full access to our educational guides.
  • Use of our personalised macro and calorie calculator to ensure your nutrition is personalised to you.
  • Full accountability and support to ensure you stay on track.


Your own personal road map meeting/call with lead coach Trent.

When you sign up you will get access to the diary to book your road map call in. If you can make it to the gym at the time of your call it can be down in person.

This road map call is to plan out your journey at the TSC Centre and ensure you have understood your goals, your why and know your intentions over the next 28 days.
We will make sure we understand where you are at and where you need go start to get you on your way to achieving your goals.

12 x Small Group Personal Training sessions.

Train in a small group environment with 4 other likeminded people who will support you, make you feel welcome and our expert coaching with ensure you are helped every step of the way. These small group sessions are our LIFT sessions, and we will ensure our programme is regressed or progressed in ways that we feel with support your goals and improve YOU.

Want to top up your Small Group Personal Training sessions.

Your trial gives you unlimited access to our unique and one-of-a-kind classes PUNCH, YOGA and CIRCUITS. You will be able to top up your sessions throughout the week by booking in for these classes.

Support & Education

Throughout your trial period you’ll be given access to our Facebook community group where our educational materiel and our daily accountability check ins are found. We will ensure you get the correct support and be held accountable to your programme. We will personally educate you on your nutrition and give you help in addressing the areas that are going to set you up for long term success.


Our community if not like a lot of other gyms, we have like minde3d individuals that are all on their own journey while helping everyone feel welcome, push each other and ensure we are respecting each other. They drive to be Invictus and will ensure any questions or help you need around the coaches support they will go far beyond to help you. This is the TSC Tribe.

So What Are You Waiting For ? ...




    Still not sure about getting started here at the TSC Centre? Why not download our free

    1 week programme to get a flavour of what we are all about. If you enjoy it, then why not try our 28 day trial?

    Check Out Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions

    You will be given access to our timetable via Go Team Up where all sessions will be found. You can book your session around your life and commitments.

    Our model is unique and different to the rest. We ensure progression in body, mind and life by releasing that inner champion.

    Our coaching is at a high level and we will continue this. No groups of 10 plus trying to fill the room while you perform exercises that have a high skill and risk. We don’t just give you a hello and 3, 2, 1 go. We progress you safely, explain the cues of each movement and start you at your starting point. 

    Our sessions run 6 days a week and we have sessions running in the morning at 6-7 7-8 9:30-10:30. Then in the evening our sessions run 5-6 6-7 7-8. We understand you all live busy lives so we have a timeslot that will fit everyone.

    We give you access to True Coach one of the world’s leading tracking apps where you can record all data from what you have achieved during sessions, previous lifts, body measurements and even progress photos. This will allow you to look back at your progress and you’ll even be able to have a sneak peak of the upcoming programmes.

    We pride ourselves on being motivating and when training in a small group environment like we have created at the TSC Centre it will keep you motivated to come back. Our sessions are fun, challenging and unique. Training with like-minded people makes it easier for you to hold yourself accountable and stay on track.

    We are based in St. johns Worcester, WR2 4EU, bransford road. We are located in the bransford trading estate behind St, Johns garage.

    We Understand time is precious to us and our LIFT sessions are focused on improving all components of fitness. So we guarantee results even if you can only train 3 days a week.

    You will sit down before the end of your trial with owner Trent to talk through your trial, achievements and if you have any questions. We can then come together and decide what membership option is best for yourself moving forwards to keep you progressing.    

    If we aren’t quite the right fit, we will say our goodbyes. We Will be sad to see you go, but we understand we aren’t always the right fit for everyone.

    So what are you waiting for? We want to build your body, help your mind and change your life!

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