Our Unique YOGA Class With Jessica Morris

Yoga Flow is a yoga class that flows through sequences of postures that link movement and breath together to create harmony and equilibrium throughout the body and mind. By creating more awareness of our breath and our bodies we become more intune with ourselves.  And, on a physical level, we make our bodies stronger and more mobile through active and passive stretches along with core and stability work.  In this class we will flow at an accessible pace which will include options to make postures or transitions more or less challenging, appealing to all levels of practitioner. 


Jessica began practicing yoga while living in New Zealand and soon discovered that yoga was not only a practice for personal development but a calling that needed to be shared.  Jess, trained as a 200hr Vinyasa Flow teacher in India in 2014 and has gone on to complete training in Aerial Yoga and Yin Yoga in the UK.  Her classes are welcoming, inclusive and engaging.  She encourages students to work at their own level of ability and to feel comfortable in themselves and their bodies along their yoga journey. Her anatomy based classes are fun, informative and open to all. 

Watch our video to see what to expect in class!

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