Trent Smith is an ex amateur boxer who has an overwhelming passion for health, fitness and performance. His boxing led him to begin a career in coaching to help individuals succeed in their fitness journey’s. 

After 7 years of coaching in gyms in the Worcestershire area and working with all kinds of individuals from the new gym starter to elite level sports men and women. Trent has grown and has begun a new adventure with his own facility, the TSC Centre. His vision is to create something Worcestershire hasn’t seen before. An inviting gym offering the best small group personal training sessions in Worcester, unique classes, a city vibe interior, and a supportive community of members.

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Mike Southall is one of the coaches here at TSC Centre. He is an extremely passionate personal trainer and fitness instructor, committed to supporting members to achieve any health, fitness and weight loss related goals. He prides himself on his in-depth knowledge of hypertrophy and resistance training. 

Mike founded his passion for fitness through playing rugby. This led him into doing his gym instructor qualification at the age of 17. Mike has a background in HM armed forces, serving 6 years in the Royal Navy. This is where he really found what he loved doing, fitness and resistance training. He Joined the forces aged 18 and left age 24, to pursue a career in the fitness industry in order to help people like you achieve all of their fitness goals.


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