We offer a variety of session types to suit everyone. All of our classes can be scaled to match your ability and will be led by one of our expert coaches


In sessions of no more than eight members to one coach you will follow a strength-based progressive programme that is individualised according to different needs, abilities, goals and targets. It is designed to challenge and improve all elements of strength, movement and technique, helping build a functional and dynamic body.


This session is designed to build all elements of your cardiovascular fitness, through a combination of ergs, free-weights and bodyweight. In the process, you’ll build mental resilience and fortitude as well as developing a more robust body. This session is accessible to all abilities, and is our highest calorie burning session – so if you are looking to drop body fat, this session is for you.


A fitness session that uses boxing to create the ultimate full body workout. Prioritising teaching the art of boxing, it’ll allow you to improve your hand-eye coordination, balance, posture and alertness. You’ll use boxing bags, pads, poles and dynamic movements to learn the skills boxing requires. If you’ve had a long day at work or you’re looking to get out of your head, this session is perfect.


CIRCUITS is our Super Saturday – a team training session, in a throwdown style, that allows you to set up your weekend by throwing it down with fellow members. They always create a fantastic atmosphere, with all of those who take part leaving with a smile on their face – no wonder it’s the most popular session of the week.


We are now offering Worcester’s only HYROX, periodised, specific programme. Open to all abilities and goals, no matter if you are looking to compete in HYROX or not. This session will allow you to build competence within running and expose you to strength under fatigue. From running pacing and technique and interference work, to getting you ready to be efficient on the stations you’ll be facing – this is the session to get you in the best form for HYROX.