The TSC Centre encompasses all of Trent’s values that he’s learnt during his elite athlete and coaching years. He believes martial arts and functional training is beneficial for everyone. It teaches humility, discipline and respect. Most importantly it allows you to optimise yourself to be the best version of you. Whilst watching your body, fitness levels and mental clarity states all improve.


At the TSC Centre we aim to build bodies through all of our unique classes by improving your physical health with expert coaching, programming and motivation.  


At the TSC Centre our goal is to help minds through our supportive community, the TSC Tribe. Our Punch class is designed specifically to improve individual’s mental health. We encourage you to focus your mind, leave your stresses at the door, and you will finish with a much clearer and positive perspective to help cope with life’s ups and downs.


At the TSC Centre we aim to change individuals lives through our community of members and tailored services that are designed to help you reach your goals and stay accountable. It is a place where you can work towards your goals whilst enjoying the process and it positively impacting your life. At the TSC Centre you will always be made to feel welcome and part of something. Whilst you’re on your own journey to greatness, the tribe is here to support you. Male or female, any shape, size or goal. If you’re serious about changing your body, mind and life then the TSC Centre is for you. You’ll never have any disapproving glances, rolled eyes, tuts or sighs. At the TSC Centre we are a Tribe, all striving to achieve our own goals through enjoyable exercise as a community. Are you ready?



Experience the community, expert coaching and get the full TSC Centre experience for 30 days. We’d love to help you release your inner champion!


Founder Trent Smith is an ex amateur boxer who has an overwhelming passion for health, fitness and performance. His boxing led him to begin a career in coaching to help individuals succeed in their fitness journey’s. 

He began as an apprentice at the age of 17 working in commercial gyms to gain experience. Trent has worked his way through the industry and is now a qualified strength and conditioning coach running a successful business that offers personal and online coaching. Trent is known for his confident, outgoing personality and contagious positive energy.  He will ensure that with the right mentality you will not only succeed but enjoy the process too.

After 7 years of coaching in gyms in the Worcestershire area and working with all kinds of individuals from the new gym starter to elite level sports men and women. Trent has taken the leap and has begun a new adventure with his own facility, the TSC Centre. His vision is to create something Worcestershire hasn’t seen before. An inviting gym offering unique classes, a city vibe interior and a supportive community of members.


Trent’s active lifestyle and passion for fitness was clear from a very young age, with his regular participation in many sports activities at primary school. Through secondary school Trent represented his county for rugby, football and cricket. Trent’s most respected achievement in his early years was winning Worcestershire County Sportsman of The Year in 2014. At the age of 11 Trent embarked on what he believes made him the person he is today; boxing. 

Amateur boxing was a significant part of Trent’s life requiring him to dedicate all of his time to disciplined training and nutrition. During his career he successfully won seven West Midlands Title’s, six Midlands Title’s and in 2013 he was ranked number two in England. Trent believes this is why he has such an impeccable work ethic and determination to always succeed. This has allowed him to guide his clients in improving their physical and psychological health with exercise and nutrition.

Fast forward a year on from being a solo personal trainer renting spaces around Worcester to coach his clients. Trent has been able to start a new adventure with his own facility, The TSC Centre. His vision is to create something Worcestershire hasn’t seen before. An inviting gym offering unique classes, a city vibe interior and a supportive community of members.


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